*This list is NOT complete (yet). If you recognize a sample that isn't listed here, please reach out.

Disclaimer: Kai Beckman, Saki the Fish, and all parties involved in the project do not claim ownership of the samples used, nor do they claim to have created the sampled material. All sampling was performed for education purposes to demonstrate the soundtrack of hypothetical fish dreaming​

"Lost In A Dream"

March 26th 2016

1. Intro: New Home                      Super Smash Bros Melee: All-Star Rest Area by Takuto Kitsuka

2. Dream #1: Sunrise                    45forelectricty by Sense

3. Dream #2: Blue Mountains             Alpine Breeze by Oscillist

4. Dream #3: City                       Time Section by Aural Imbalance

5. Dream #4: Tower                      Adrift For Days by Tipper [Removed]

6. Dream #5: Outlook                    Imagine by Moleman

7. Dream #6: Escape                     Astral Forest by Aural Imbalance

8. (...Waking Up)                       Kirby Super Star: Save Hut by Jun Ishikawa

9. Ending: Fish Flakes                  Kirby's Epic Yarn: Apt. 102 by Tomoyo Tomita

"Novalis EP"

May 1st 2016

1. Crowntail                            Transition Soul by Aural Imbalance & Concentric Flow

2. Blue Marble                          Duality by PHD

3. Novalis                              Urban Solitude by Cedar

4. Filter                               Jacuzzi Jazz by Audio Lotion

"Nijiro EP"

May 20th 2016

1. I Was Confused                       ???

2. Underwater Kalimba                   Lakez by J-Laze

3. Red & Green / Nijiro                 ???

4. Double Tail                          ???

"Tetra EP"

May 30th 2016

1. Tetra Systems Theme                  Heavy Drops by Honeyroot

2. Smooth Fins                          ???

3. Classic                              Space Walkin' by Organic Synthetic

4. Fish Shopping                        ???

5. Underwater Dream                     Red Glowing Dust by Jón Hallur?

"Aquarium Decorations"

July 11th 2016

1. Bamboo Lounge                        Fahrenheit Fair Enough by Telefon Tel Aviv

2. Fish Elevator                        Tidal Euphony by Oscillist

3. History of Japan                     Still Life by Oscillist

4. Useless                              ???

5. Lost In Translation                  Dust by Pole Folder & CP (James Zabiela Remix)

6. Silk Road                            ???

7. Foreign Decoration                   Calm Down by Foreign Reality

8. Small Temple                         ???

9. Marimo Ball                          ???

"Tenshi EP"

September 6th 2016

1. Look At Her Eyes                     -15 by Galaktlan

2. Strength & Beauty (Tenshi's Theme)   Fairlight by Artemis

3. Smooth Scales & Fins                 ???

4. Tenshi/Nova Lounge                   ???

5. Elegance / Artwork                   Thrown to the Wolves by Oscillist


November 6th 2016

1. Enter the Dream                      Convivium by Helios

2. Frameshift Mutation                  ???

3. Lily Pad Drift                       Blacker the Berry by Proem

4. Beam of Light                        Music is Math by Boards of Canada

5. Low Oxygen Water                     ???

6. High Speed Transportation System     Interplanar by Oscillist

7. Underwater Ice                       Frozen In Time by Oscillist

8. Homesick                             ???

9. Seacave                              Secret Portraits by New Balance

10. Human (Wake Up!)                    ???

"Saki EP"

December 24th 2016

1. Saki's Theme (Opaque Fish Overture)  ???

2. Deep In Thought                      ???

3. Blue Pebble / Marimo Mossball        ???

4. He Loves Her (Kai & Leydi)           ???

5. Fishdream Forever                    Lichen by Aphex Twin

"Lost In A Dream (Ultimate Edition)"

March 1st 2020

11. Deeper Meaning                      Days Like These by Monrroe

12. Goldfish Dream                      ???

VM. Poseidon's Kindgom*                 Sonic Colors: Aquarium Park (Act 1) by Tomoya Ohtani

13. True Ending                         ???

*Incorrect audio submitted to Vapor

Memory. This track is a collaboration

with Iridescent Shark (Maroplume).

Singles/Appearances/Bonus Tracks

"Lost In A Dream (Bedlam Edition)

September 15th 2016

10. Floating                            ???


"2057" New Future Compilation

BLCR - October 15th 2016


17. Minnow                              Isoline by Helios


"AQUATIC AIRLINES 1" Super-group

Sud Swap AUdio Brewing x Tetra Systems

October 28th 2016

6. AA_05                                Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time - Inside the Deku Tree by Koji Kondo

"The r/Vaporwave Mixtape: Halloween


r/Vaporwave - October 31st 2016


1. Appear & Disappear                   Ratchet & Clank: Orxon - Kogor Refinery by David Berguead

"Bottle Share 1" Compilation

Sud Swap Audio Brewing - December 5th


2. Seikomart Anthem                     ???

10. Seikomart Anthem (Extended Version) ???

"95 Elements" Compilation

Elemental 95 - December 28th 2016

67. Elemental                           ???

"Exosphere" Hypermedia Compilation

Sunset Recordings - September 29th


47. Hollow Shell                        ???


A special thank you to all the artists who were included in this project. Please show them some love, as if it weren't for them, we wouldn't have had Saki. Another special thanks to Emmanuel (from Section 9 Tapes) for his mastering services,