2016 - 2018

Misaki Splendens (Saki) was my pet fish from 2016 to 2018. Over the course of a few months, I had experimented with playing music for him and studying his reactions to it. Based on his movements around the tank, I determined what kind of music he liked and what he didn't, and would create sample based music based on what he liked. 

These albums were themed around what I envisioned his dreams would be about when he slept (this is of course ironic as fish do not sleep and only nap). This is what led to the creation of his first album, "Lost In A Dream." This album was released in March of 2016 on CD, but didn't reach a major audience until the cassette release in September 2016 through Bedlam Tapes. This led to Saki's involvement in the Vaporwave scene, coining the sub-genre "Fishvapor."

Saki went on to release 3 more albums, and a series of 4 EPs called the Aquarium Series, named after the 3 other fish in the room. He took a break from releasing music after the Vinyl Edition of "Lost In A Dream" was released. He passed away in June of 2018.

Saki was lucky enough to have his albums released on many labels. His debut was originally self-released, but re-released on cassette via Bedlam Tapes, and reissued again on vinyl via Tetra Systems. The Aquarium Series albums were released on Pizza Beast (Niji EP), Sud Swap Audio Brewing (Tenshi EP), and Neetspeak Records (Saki EP). "Aquarium Decorations" was released on Smirk Sounds, and reissued by Tetra Systems. Saki's final full-length LP "Seacave" was released on Sea Of Clouds. 

Saki was also featured on many compilations, including Elemental 95's "95 Elements," Sud Swap's "Bottle Share 1," r/vaporwave's "Halloween Compilation," BLCR Labs's "New Future," Sunset Recordings "Exosphere" Hypermedia compilation, and was also a member of the Aquatic Airlines supergroup.

As of March 2020, "Lost In A Dream (Ultimate Edition)" was put up for Pre-Order, containing never heard before bonus material. However, due to the sample-based nature of the album, it had to be cancelled due to potential issues with copyright, Since May 2020, all of Saki's music has since been moved to this site to host free downloads of his work, with all samples below.