Please read before inquiring about a commission.

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[ Pricing ] I do not post my prices. You will be provided with a quote before being billed. Before I can produce any work, I must receive 50% of the total price of the work being performed. The total cost is based around the client's budget, the amount of time taken to produce the work, and other factors at my discretion.

[ Refunds ] I do not offer refunds.

[ Samples ] I do not produce free or reduced price sample material. I can provide design proofs and 'work-in-progress' material during the design process, but it will not be working material and you are not authorized to use it. If you are interested in examples of my work, please view my Visual Portfolio and Audio Portfolio.

[ Revisions ] I can produce up to 3 revisions while working on a project. You will be billed for any additional revisions, the price per revision is at my discretion. 

[ Inquiries & Correspondence ] You will be asked to provide detailed information on the project I will be working on. I will always request a "moodboard" of graphics that set the tone of your project. Before being able to speak to me directly you will be "interviewed" by my management droid Infobot on Twitter. You can also reach out through the Contact Forum if you do not use Twitter.

[ Services ] I am a musician, graphic, and type designer. My area of expertise is futuristic, modern, experimental, and/or minimalist branding for both corporations and personal identities, but I am also capable of producing a myriad of different graphics, including, but not limited to, apparel, social media graphics, album artwork, product layout, stream layouts, business cards and other essential business graphics, and more. I can also produce music for your projects, or develop Font Software.


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