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KBM is Experimental Music, Modern Business Branding, & Expressive Type Design by Kai Beckman.

Kai Beckman is an American experimental electronic musician, who combines atmospheric ambient, with passionate piano, and harsh IDM. He currently resides in California with his girlfriend, Leydi, and has been composing music since 2013.​

Kai gathers inspiration primarily from fish, and aquatic life. His collaborative side-project with his fish, Saki, solidified the connection with his music and aquatics early on in his career. 

More recently, Kai has released two studio albums on two different labels, 2016's "yin_yang" on Bedlam Tapes, and 2017's "Falling Apart Deluxe" (a remaster of a 2015 self-release) on PLUS100 Records. He has also featured on several label compilations, including Dream Catalogue's "Chaos Series." 

Outside of the world of music, Kai has also taken a passion to graphic design. His main focus is typography and logo design. His work has been inspired by the Designers Republic, Bionic Systems, Splatoon, U.B. Funkeys, and Y2K-era design.


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